Facebook Logged Me In! How do I get Logged OUT?

You may have heard of the recent data breach at Facebook.  Over 50 million user’s data was accessed or sold to entities.  This was done largely by accessing people’s Facebook account via legal means through apps that use Facebook accounts to login.  Sometimes we forget how or why we used Facebook to login.  It is … More Facebook Logged Me In! How do I get Logged OUT?

Google Offline

I was on away this weekend with students at Track Meet and I had loads of questions about using Google Docs and GMail Offline.  This is an amazing feature if you’ve never used it.  It allows you to work and check things while not connected to a network.  Then when you do connect to a network again … More Google Offline

Chill Out with Calm

As you get signed in for free, you are immediately greeted by the calming sounds of the ocean, a breeze blowing and birds chirping.  This is the result of my new Calm.com account.  I’ve seen loads of seniors this week stressing over Mock Exams.   Regardless of your exam anxiety, it would be nice to have a calm … More Chill Out with Calm

Get YOUR news!

​ We all should pay some attention to the news.  In this time of ‘fake news,’ it is very cool that you decide where you get your news.  This week I suggest PressReader.com.  A free account can be set up with Google or Facebook.  Then you simply select which news sources you want as well as … More Get YOUR news!