Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell, MA-ILTS

  • Assistant Technology Director/Consultant & Online Instructional Designer
  • Google Certified Trainer (7 years)
  • Apple Distinguished Educator (7 years)
  • Common Sense Media Educator (6 years)
  • Currently working at the International School Bangkok.

Current and Past Partnerships

Currently working on teaching research, Digital Citizenship, and integrating Virtual Reality (VR) experiences into the curriculum
Employed for 2 years as the HS Librarian to reimagine the library and collection
Provided Learning Management System integration and professional development as well as technology advice
Providing Technical Advice and Development
Providing research, support, and educational advisory
Employed as the Technology Director and Head of Libraries. Also Project Manager for the opening of the facility.
Providing Website Design Support, Written Articles, and Teacher Advisory Board Member as well as a presenter
Social Emotional Learning Professional Development organization and developed online curriculum delivery
Employed for 5 years and was a member of the design team. Organized the STEM Academy, Library, Technology, and Artwork

Recent Works and Presentations

Contact Us

We love working with schools, organizations, and businesses to share our expertise. As a generalist we are able to provide affordable consultations in the following areas:

Library Design Services

  • Librarian/Cataloguer Professional Development
  • Facility Design/Re-Design
  • Library Collection
  • Collection Development
  • Programming
  • Library Databases

Educational Technology

  • Online Learning Professional Development
  • Virtual Reality Integrations and Advice
  • Technology Integration
  • Learning Management Systems Admin and Advice
  • Technology Infrastructure

Technology Support

  • Website Design and Re-Design
  • Online Curriculum
  • Educational Accessibility Advice
  • Systems Management

International Ed Tech Guy

International Ed Tech Guy

Christopher Bell




One-off visit: a one-off visit to help support your plans and provide training for leadership teams

Critical Support: an agreed number of visits with the opportunity to get support along the way by email to support you in realising your vision, this can also include training

Part of the team: as above but a year-long sequence of visits which see me work closely with leadership and teachers to help realise your vision which can also include inset and/or training

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