Images for students

Right now a lot of students are working on projects that require images.  You should always cite your images or seek Royalty Free or Creative Commons images which can be used without permission.  Today I am suggesting 3 sites.  PhotosforClass, Pics4Learning, and Pixabay.  All of these image sites have royalty free images and are available to use for … More Images for students

Identify the Truth!

As it becomes more and more difficult to tell truths from lies finding tools to help will be critical.  Enter  This site has a proven track record of being honest in their reporting.  They have been in operation since 2003 and continue to seek and provide the truth.  It is a great way to check … More Identify the Truth!

Make Data Visual

As a techie, I love looking and data.  It helps to drive decisions.  Creating different ways to visualize data is an amazing way to create interpretation, argue a point or to share detailed information. does this with ease.  Simply upload a data sheet (Excel or Google) then you can manipulate the visualization.  Added to manipulating your own … More Make Data Visual

Efficient Feedback using your Voice!

Want to leave a voice comment anywhere, anytime?  Try out Talk&Comment as an extension.  It is a very simple little microphone recording tool that sits on your Chrome Browser.  Download the Talk&Comment Chrome Extension, install it and then restart Chrome.  You will see a little microphone will appear on your browser window.  Then you can create a quick voice … More Efficient Feedback using your Voice!

Protect Yourself: One Password to Rule them All!

​It’s all over the news, a major hack of crediting agency Equifax in America.  Here is the Wall Street Journal Article on this idea.  They have personal information, income, and family information in their databases that was hacked.  As a result, it reminded me that it is a good time to update passwords.  A lot of people … More Protect Yourself: One Password to Rule them All!