Start Using Audio in YOUR Class!

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.58.35 AM
Recently I have been reading about the value of Audio in eLearning.  It provides another avenue for delivery of information to students.  Some learners do better listening to information and taking notes while others need to actually read the information.  It might be a good idea to try to combine the two to make sure you are providing equitable access for all learners.  This week I am suggesting  This amazing little website does not require an account or password.  It allows you to record directly into the site.  Then you can get either an embed code or a link to share the recording.  Have your students record answers, statements or ideas and send them OR record your feedback and send it to students.  It can also be emailed to students.  It is a great tool for 21st century teachers!  Enjoy Vocaroo.

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