Time-Lining Presentations!


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 7.04.51 AM

I used to be a Social Studies teacher and I loved timelines.  Kids used them for presentations, for note-taking and we created whole class built timelines.  They are a great way to synthesize a lot of information in linear format.  Introducing Tiki-Toki!  This is an AWESOME time-lining tool.  With your free account you can build timelines (even 3D timelines)!  Cool features are that it forces students to cite intro and background images.  It also allows you to set times or dates whichever you like.  They can put any type of media into the timeline including: videos, images, text, flash movies and much more.  For those advanced students they can actually code Java scripts to work in here as well to create demonstrations.  This is the next level of tools for students.  Try Tiki-Toki.com.

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