A new citation tool and privacy settings!

Hope you all had a wonderful summer and are back ready to teach and learn.  Today I have a couple of different resources for you.  The first is privacy settings and the second is a reference tool/app.

Privacy Settings can be a real problem.  We all want to have our stuff out there for friends to see but we don’t want any of our personal stuff to be accessible to strangers.  Here are guides to Google and Facebook privacy settings.

  • People are always asking me, ‘How safe is my stuff with Google?’.  They actually sent out some good info on their privacy settings and tools.  Check this out.
  • Just in case here are the Privacy Settings for FaceBook.

A new Reference Tool/app:

RefMe is one I recommended towards the end of last year but I wanted to send it along early this year.  It is a website, an app and a citation machine.  Basically you can collect all of your citations on the website OR within the app.  On the website you simply search for your book, magazine or whatever.  If it doesn’t find it the boxes appear to fill out.  Then it creates your citation.  The App is even cooler – it has a scan feature.  Scan the barcode on the book and it creates your citation that can be exported.

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