RefMe VS. EasyBib – and the Winner is…

Screen Shot 2558-09-28 at 7.17.56 AM  VS. Screen Shot 2558-09-28 at 7.31.02 AM
We’ve been going back and forth this year about which citation tool is best.  I am ready to make the call – RefMe Wins.  Yesterday RefMe released an update that I catches it up with EasyBib.  They now have it ready to cite Youtube, Imbd and many of the other cites we see all of the time.  The only thing I see EasyBib winning now is that they have a search built in.  However the big win for RefMe is that it actually does complete citations.  Both provide the extra boxes to fill for citations if the information isn’t available BUT when I did a side by side test it was RefMe that turned out the consistent quality, consistency and thoroughness.!
Tech Resources:
Screen Shot 2558-09-24 at 4.43.41 PM
As things move more and more to be cloud based apps are coming along that streamline our work as educators.  Are you ‘flipped classroom’ guru?  Get ready for!  It is as easy as any video annotator but it has huge potential in that it is build for complete unit use.  Simply import (copy and paste the url) into the box provided and then begin building your lesson.  You can attach notes, make a quizz and embed it in other systems.  Really a great new Video Tool!  Try

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