Speech to Text is Here to Stay!

Screen Shot 2558-10-04 at 3.47.58 PM
About a year ago, I started telling people that speech to text was not that far off.  This is the ability to record what you say and have your computer type it.  It really has been around for some time, but until recently it hasn’t been that good.  Enter Speech to Text Add-on for Chrome.  I’ve used loads of different programs to accomplish this task and at this point it is clear that Google is winning.  The Add-on works great for your computer and better yet it allows you to type right into a Google Doc!  It already existed for iPad and iPhone but now with the Speech to Text Chrome Add-on you can use it on your computer.  It works GREAT!  Stop typing and start talking!
Screen Shot 2558-10-04 at 3.39.04 PM
Just another little tip today – if you want to join me in using GoodReads to share what I read as a librarian and also see what your friends are reading sign up for a free GoodReads.com account with your Facebook Account or Google Account.  Finally if you would like to add a little image of a book and tell your friends what you are currently reading us the GoodReads widget builder.  Inside your GoodReads account click on ‘My Books’ and then ‘widgets’ which can be found on the left-hand side of the screen.  Then build your ‘Currently Reading Widget’ and add it to your emails, blog or where ever you post!  If you would like to follow me, Click this Link!

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