Google and LIFE together – and some Tips and Tricks from ME!

Screen Shot 2558-10-12 at 7.59.23 AM
With our refocusing on the importance of citation, sometimes if feels like we cannot find great images because they are watermarked.  NOT TRUE!  Check out the Google and LIFE (magazine) collaboration.  Here you can search an amazing database of LIFE Magazine photos by year.  Locate award winning photos that display, history, passion and strife all over the world.  The images are organized by decade but can then be searched by topic.  It is a great trip down memory road.  Try Google LIFE Photo Archive!

Screen Shot 2558-10-12 at 8.30.46 AMALSO:

This week I would like to send out a link to the Technology Tips and Tricks page that I maintain.  This is a site that has all kinds of valuable tools, tips, and tricks to make your technology more valuable and efficient.  The tools here are all free, reviewed by me and valuable to teachers and students alike.  If you have any questions about any of these tools please let me know.  Enjoy the Technology Tips and Tricks!

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