Podcasting for Education

Screen Shot 2558-10-26 at 9.44.36 AM

Are you a Podcast lover?  I was and then I kind of let them go a little bit.  Well get ready to enjoy – check out AudioBoom.  It is an easy Podcast feeder.  Which means you can setup a free account and then subscribe to any number of Podcasts you like.  Explore sports, science, public news and much more.  However, the added benefit of AudioBoom is that as an educator you can setup a free Education Account and then podcast for your class.  If you are a flipped classroom fan this is a great tool.  Also there are various schools that are putting out podcasts as part of their curriculum.  One that caught my eye was from Saint Columbus College in Dublin – they break down some of the lesser known characters in HAMLET!  Check out AudioBoom today!

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