Image Help & Creativity with Google Docs!

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Looking for the perfect image?  Want to make sure you cite it properly?  Look to either CreativeCommons or WikiMedia Commons.  Then just locate images that have ‘Some Rights Reserved’.  Then at WikiMedia select your usage method and copy/paste on or near the image’s final location.  At Creative Commons it is best to construct your own attribution as not all images come with a license built by the author.  Here is what the License should look like:
Screen Shot 2558-11-15 at 4.39.30 PM

Tech Resources:  

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If you haven’t visited your Google Docs via the Apps screen recently you may be missing something!  Recently they installed a bar that provides access to all of the templates installed. Creativity is something I often find missing in Google Docs.  The templates in both Pages and Word are nice and add a ‘professional’ look to your documents.  Now you can add that same professional look to your Google Docs.  Simply go to your Google Apps  and the select either Docs, Sheets, or Slides and you will be pleased to see a ribbon with the best templates loaded.  Start making those Google Docs look good!  Use templates.

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