Avoid Survey Fatigue with Good Survey Tools!

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Recently it seems we have become overly surveyed.  This is likely the result of our constant need for proof or data.  None of these things by themselves is bad, however when we begin to receive a different survey every day it becomes a bit tiresome and we then get a syndrome called ‘survey fatigue’.  This is problematic because it then skews our results.  Here is a good article on “5 Ways to Avoid Survey Fatigue in Your Respondents“.   to a much smaller group of people then we initially targeted.  It is good to follow some very basic guidelines around surveying or polling.  I’ve cover both Socrative, and Poll Everywhere as tools to use as well as Google Forms.  Any of these tools will do the trick in a fun and innovative way.  I typically stay away from the pay surveying tools because there are such good free ones.  That being said the pay ones typically offer much better break downs of your results.  Thus your data can become much more meaningful as well as more specific.  Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo are two different options.  Both of these will give a short trial.  The best thing to look at is the data reports that come from either of these tools.  Be careful not to survey too much and use tools that will give you the most data in return.  Try Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo!

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