IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!  I’ve been predicting for a long time that Google would come out with the best voice typing tool.  In other tech positions I’ve held in the past I have tested this types of tools literally for years and they were hard to setup and generally not that good.  Today I tested it. Voice Typing is AMAZING.  It is accurate, easy to use, takes no setup, it worked on my phone and ipad.  To put it simply, it just works.  On your computer, open a new Google Doc > Tools > Click Voice Typing and a microphone shows up and begin speaking.  For your phones or iPads, download the Google Docs app and at the bottom of the keyboard you will find the microphone icon.  Click it and it works the same way, just start speaking.  Finally we can stop typing and start talking. If you need more help setting this up take a look at this Doc.

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