Momentum to start your day!

Recently I gave a short presentation about Extensions in Chrome.  The typical ones came up, AdBlocker and Grammarly, however, a new one I recommended was Momentum.  This is a great extension for starting your day right and keeping yourself focused.  Simply go to the Chrome Web Store and install Momentum.  This easy to use Extension provides a beautiful daily photo, an encouraging quote and the weather in your current location.  It also provides a quick links for Gmail, Chrome Apps and any specific links you want to add.  Better than that it allows you to create a ‘Daily Focus’ which is a simple idea that you will focus on for the day.  You write it and it shows until you decide you have it.  Lastly, if you make To Do lists it incorporates Todoist another Extension that allows for the creation of a running list of things to do.  All of this in one single Extension.  Give Momentum a try today!

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