Kiddle for CLEAN Searches!


We all go looking for great images and artwork to include in our presentations.  One thing that constantly drives me away from Google’s image search is that invariably I get images that are inappropriate, will not work for my purposes or do not make sense.  This is a giant waste of time.  Enter Kiddle.  Kiddle is Google’s new Safe Search engine.  It works just like Google Searches, however it is ‘clean’.  As a result, you get a lot more of what you want to see and a lot less of the distracting elements of the web.  While I am recommending the Image Search, it also is a browser and it provides with an updated way of viewing the list of results.  Lastly, News and Videos are also clean.  Again this avoids the time wasted with inappropriate or just crazy stuff that comes up in the results of a common Google Search.  To make better use of your searching time use Kiddle.

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