Get even more ORGANIZED!

Screen Shot 2560-03-20 at 10.03.10 AM

Are you missing the free version of Evernote?  Me too!  I dumped it for NOTEBOOK this week and it is awesome. Notebook is a super sleek application that works on Mac and PC devices.  It is free to use, all you need is a Google, Twitter or several other accounts to link to.  It has great looking notebooks images that sit on your homepage.  Notebook allows you to do more than just write notes.  You can add images, take a photo, record an audio note, and color code your notes.  There are also the standard options for copying, deleting, creating check boxes and sharing.  Basically everything you could do in the free version of Evernote is now available from Notebook and it is FREE!  Take a moment to move those notes to a new tool and get organized.  Try Notebook.

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