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Dave, a friend of mine, shared the combined use of Student Blogs and Netvibes.  He uses the student blogs to increase writing in his classes, to allow students to ‘publish’ work, to improve communication and to provide a reflective opportunity for students.  Then he uses Netvibes to pull in all the feeds from the students.  Netvibes is a simple RSS Feeder – this means it draws a feed from websites that you select.  Any time any of your selected websites is updated, it is ‘feed’ to your Netvibes page automatically.  This is a terrific way to create and gather resources as well as manage lots of incoming information.  Another great way to use this tool (and I use it this way 🙂 is to have pages that pull in feeds from all of your professional education websites.  This way by looking at t a single Netvibes page I can get the most up to date information in the field of ed tech.  Finally, you can then make pages public to share these collected resources with others.  It is a great tool with added benefits when combining it with student blogs.  Take a look at the kids work on their Netvibes Page.  Nice job Dave!

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