Get Ready for School with 2 Apps for Efficiency!

Things get pretty busy right away at the start of the year.  It is really important to set yourself up for success while you have time.  Two applications will help you manage your screen time as well as increase your efficiency.  I suggest Webtimer and SelfControl App.  When used together you can take control of your computer time and gain back time to balance your life and reduce stress.
Webtimer is a simple add on to Chrome (or any other browser) that tracks usage. This will give you a good visual (time, sites, etc) of the sites you are visiting and how much time you are spending at these sites.  You can identify where you are losing or wasting time. This is where we usually find the sites that we put into the Blacklist in SelfControl.
SelfControl App is a program that allows you to create a ‘Blacklist’ of sites that are distracting or time wasters.  SelfControl then locks you out of these sites for a given amount of time.  The beauty of this app is that YOU control it.  You select the amount of time it blocks sites.  We generally begin with a goal of 20 minutes of work and 2 minutes of play.  This puts you in control of distractions and makes you more efficient.

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