Organize yourself for a successful school year with StudyBlue!

Screen Shot 2560-09-04 at 9.51.38 AM

At the start of the year, I always look for great tools for collecting notes.   I used a long time ago and it was good then.  You could create flash cards.  That was then.  Now, StudyBlue makes notes, study guides and yes still flash cards available to everyone.  You can search by class, even by your school.  There are literally millions of resources available.  Added to this, you can create your own study area.  Keep all of your notes, flash cards and more in your own space.  You can manage the space for your own preferences and all of this is FREE!!  Lastly, they are BETA testing a new Homework Helpline.  I asked it a few questions and got immediate responses from good resources as well as images and links.  Start using StudyBlue today to organize yourself for success this year!

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