Design Like a Pro! Today!

I am always on the lookout for cool programs that will allow for creativity.  This one blew my mind it was so easy! is more than just an infographic builder (which it is quite good), it allows for the design of flyers, charts, data reports and so much more.  It seemed like the template options were never-ending.  You can sign up with your Google Account and then start building.  Simply select one of their beautiful templates and begin replacing their info with yours.  My favorite templates were the posters.  So many different and amazing designs it was hard to decide.  This is a great way to visually display data for any audience, and it is super easy and intuitive.  All of the tools are listed down the right-hand side.  There are icons, maps, images, and you can upload any images you want.  This is one of the cooler tools I’ve seen in a while and the free version is awesome!  Try

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