Take Control of YOUR Browser!

privacy badger

I’ve been reading about a lot of data hacks lately and how whether we like it or not, it is entirely likely that our data has been compromised.  If you are really nervous about this and want to take every precaution there was a great article in Southern Living Magazine.  Follow the steps listed there to completely regain your data!  That being said one of the best takeaways from the article was about PrivacyBadger.  A great add-on that will block tracking sites, inform you of trackers and give you the ability to approve or ‘whitelist’ sites that may need your information.  There is a version for every browser and from the image attached you can see it is being used by thousands of users.  It also works as an AdBlocker.  If you are not using one of these YOU SHOULD.  It helps keep you focused and puts the control of the advertising you see back in your control.  Try PrivacyBadger to regain control of your browser.

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