Test Apps for YOU!

Ever wonder where I get the ideas for the apps I recommend each week?  The truth is I follow a lot of other technology blogs and when I see something I save it for further exploration.  I do actually test the apps I recommend and I try to make sure they are educational and free.  That being said sometimes I just don’t see anything new.  A while back I stumbled upon SetApp.  This download this single app and you get access to many others.  It provides general groups of apps, for example, writing, education, productivity, etc. to choose from and explore.  Then it gives a brief overview as well as a download link.  Unfortunately, this is a pay site, but it gives you a 7-day trial.  I tested it this weekend and got to test a ton of other pay apps.  It was great because you can avoid the ‘buyers regret’ of purchasing an app that doesn’t deliver as promised.  This can save you money and time!  Give SetApp a try and find new apps that DO get the job done.

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