Check Your Data on Facebook and Take a look at Dotstorming!

You should be concerned about the recent Facebook leak of data.  It is big and it might impact you.  Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is to look and see what Facebook has stored in their servers specifically about you.  Take a few minutes and download your user data.  Probably the most shocking thing for me was all of the chats are kept.  It is worth looking.  Here are the steps Download Your Info from Facebook.

If you are like me Padlet was one of the web applications that served many purposes.  It was great for collaboration and was a nice change from constant Google Docs.  However, now that they are going to a payment system, it is time to find the next great tool. Enter Dotstorming (even has a cool name).  This site is definitely in its early stages but is already offering some options that far outpace what Padlet used to do. There is a chat feature that is up front and center.  All the sharing tools apply, I also really like the way it is organized from the start page.  Lastly, the Canadian developer seems to be very open to feedback and building.  Try Dotstorming.comhttps://dotstorming.comit looks like a winner!

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